Welcome to my photo 52 challenge of 2016 -

So what is it - the challenge is to help improve a persons photography, and also a great reason to get the camera out frequently when photography is not your day job, or if it is your day job it is designed to get you to try some different types and styles of photography, that you would not deal with day in day out.

In the photo 52 that I am heavily involved in, there are no fixed rules, only guidelines. Each week a random 'theme' is drawn from a list that is posted on a photography forum. If you don't like the theme, you can play a "joker" and do your own thing.

There will also be random/ optional re-shoots, where you can re-shoot any theme as well as, or in place of the theme for that current week. I personally exclude myself from using archive images (ones taken previously and not photographed specifically for the weeks new theme) and Jokers, and always do a second image, by revisiting a previous theme in the year that I was not so happy with when a 're-shoot' is drawn.

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