Portraits - Dean B Sayer

Welcome to the 'Portraits' section

In this section you will find photos from a portrait session that you have been at, or possibly received an invite from the event organiser.

The session organiser will have decided if the images are 'watermark protected' or if you have 'Free of Charge' access  or download privileges to the images. you can view images, but may be restricted to downloads, order prints/canvases/special gifts,.

To access the pictures within each gallery you may require the specific password for the session, you will only see and have access to sessions or events to which you have been given a link and the secure password.

     > If there is a secure gallery please ensure that you only share this link/password with family and friends, these photos can not be found on the internet without this invite/link

     > Please click on an image to make it full screen, and use the directional arrows to navigate

     > The photos are accessible on PC, tablet, Mac and Mobile

     > Images  may have been  made downloadable for you 'free of charge' at a reasonable resolution

     > If you wish to purchase a print or special gift please click the link below the image,  the photos will be produced at the highest resolution available from the original raw file

Please enjoy the photos, feel free to comment & 'Like' my Facebook Page, thank you.

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